islamabad-Federal Minister National Health Services Saira Afzal Tarar said that the ministry, at federal level, is working with the provinces for standardization and regulation of health services after the 18th amendment.  

The minister said this on Wednesday while addressing the inauguration of Refurbishment of National Institute of Health by the Prime Minister in Islamabad.

 She said that the ministry is confronted with the major challenge of redefining the roles and responsibilities of the federal government in the health sector in the light of 18th constitutional amendment.

“We accepted the challenge and worked hard with the provincial governments in effectively carrying out the task of standardization and regulation of health services alongside mobilizing resources from international partners to support major initiatives being implemented by the federating units,” she said.

Minister said that the Ministry, according to its mandate, has also been coordinating public health and population welfare at national and international levels for fulfilling international obligations and commitments; providing oversight for provincial and national health regulatory bodies; enforcing drug regulations and regulation of medical education and professionals.

She added that it was also ministry’s aim to transform National Institute of Health so it attains the role and standing it truly deserves both nationally and internationally.  “NIH is a national asset and has enormous potential,” she said

Minister said that one of our major targets was reviving the production of measles vaccine at NIH.

This was critical in backdrop of growing incidence of the disease and epidemics of the disease in different parts of the country. With concerted collective effort, we were able to achieve this objective.

Minister said that another major issue was up-gradation of laboratory facilities, a task that had been successfully undertaken.

New initiatives announced in the next budget will be of critical importance in supporting the provinces in arresting malnutrition and disabilities.

Minister said that we have come a long way and served our people to the best of our abilities despite the many stumbling blocks that were placed along their way by those who did not want us to perform.