OKARA-A couple set ablaze a cattle-shed of their neighbours over a trifle at 20/GD here the other day. Qutub Ali of 20/GD village and his wife Amiran Bibi had raised a cattle-shed beside their house. The other afternoon, when both were present at home, their neighbouring couple Allah Ditta and Mumtaz came to their compound and cried vengeance for a minor quarrel between women. They picked up paddy straw from a heap, lit it with match and threw it on the cattle-shed which immediately caught fire. Mumtaz ran to the shed to save her buffalo from the fire, but the shawl she was wearing caught fire in which she had tied Rs5,000 which also burnt with the shawl.

The villagers gathered and extinguished the fire. Okara Saddr police registered a case.