Nadeem Afzal Chan was always considered to be a politician, ideologically committed to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and his vision of a democratic Pakistan committed to welfare of poor masses. After ZAB’s judicial murder Nadeem Chan stood by Benazir Bhutto through thick and thin, withstanding pressure exerted on his family by Musharraf junta.

Since Mohtarma BB’s assassination he has had reservations over choice of corrupt cronies like Sharjeel Memon, Asim Hussain and numerous others involved in massive corruption scams. When funds allocated for socio economic development projects dedicated to welfare of deprived masses started evaporating in thin air, ideological political activists were perturbed. Appointment of corrupt semi literate cronies like Moeen Aftab, Aijaz Haroon Memon, Yusafzai etc as heads of state owned corporations like PSM, PIA, CAA, PSO etc perturbed the honest few ideologically committed loyalists. Reports of jobs being sold to those having fake degrees shocked them.

One only hopes that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari stands up to defend the political legacy of his late grandfather and mother from being squandered by likes of Sharjeel Memon, Fazalullah Pecheuo, Faryal Talpur etc and corrupt bureaucracy.


Sukkur, April 25.