OSLO-Norway’s changing seasons create different atmospheres and exciting opportunities to experience different aspects of nature and culture in Oslo. Since I arrived in the late afternoon, surprisingly it was a sunny weather and Norwegian people were soaking the sun and taking every opportunity to spend outdoors with their family and friends. As a tourist you will meet many people who share your interests, but if you would prefer to spend time alone in the region, there are plenty of opportunities for travelling off the beaten track. Oslo has plenty spaces and many interesting small places with exciting activities to explore.  

This year I had the privilege of attending a fashion show in Norway for the first time, which made me realize how relatively simple things are for fashion journalists in Pakistan. From big glamorous cities in quaint towns in smaller spaces, fashion lives everywhere. Some people shine with the city-esque pride, other with their roots still attached to traditions. Pakistani designers are no longer confined to the domestic fashion and apparel market; they are gaining recognition and fame from all over the world. One-day fashion show ‘Colours of Pakistan’ was held at Kanonhallen Peter MollersVei, paving the way of revolutionary designers whilst marking the trends of the season. Continuing the tradition, this seasons fashion take was glamorous glitzy with a line up of top-notch six designers showcasing their stunning collections on the ramp.

Norwegian models presented designers outfits down the ramp.  The show provided a glimpse into the rise of regions fashion industry, charting the designer’s journey and delivered a greater depth of understanding of the story and history behind each brand. 

Talking to The Nation, Pakistani ambassador in Norway, Riffat Masood said, “Fashion itself is a reflection of social, economic and cultural change. In each era it expresses modernity and fashion trends symbolize the spirit of the times we are in. Pakistani Fashion is moving towards success and booming with the passage of time. Such shows should be more organized so that people should know about the rich culture of Pakistan.”

Organiser of the show, Daniyal Arshad said, “Colours



of Pakistan’s objective is to foster and promote Pakistani fashion industry both locally and internationally. We hope that through this platform our designers will be able to place Pakistan on the global map and show a softer image.” Norwegian model Sandra said, “It was an amazing experience working with Pakistani designers. I have performed in so many fashion weeks across the world but I found these designers very friendly and at the same time very professional.”

The show opened up with the brilliant psychedelic collection by Ahmad Bilal. Ahmed carries the oomph of a supermodel romanticizes detailing in his creations and loves to educate the world about his fashion philosophy. Every season he comes out with a collection that peeps at the past and digs some fascinating tales. He is well known for his simple yet attractive clothing lines that are high on value and seductive quotient. From exclusive floral expressions to inimitableaccessorize pattern, every outfit he showcased was breath-taking.

Hina Raza’s collection ‘Dhannak’ was like early morning breeze with booming petals of budding roses. Glamorous and feminine the collection was a translation of Hina’s personal style. She took inspiration from nature and weaved a fairy tale like allure around her ensembles that was mesmerizing and magical. The delicate fabrics like georgette and chiffon provided that sexy feminine look to her collection.

Cara Chic was immediately able to gain the reputation of impeccable designer brand in suiting and sherwanis. Cara celebrated generosity, richness, pragmatism and desire to seek graceful and electric sensuality. The brand presented a wide range of Sherwaniswith a wide range of Colour palette. Singer Danyal Arshad walked the ramp as a showstopper for the designer. With innovative and imaginative jewellery designs, Maryam Khalid showcased a wide range of jewellery ranging from weighty bridal sets to modish everyday wear. Purest gemstones, luscious metals, sparking color palette, delightful bold pieces with feminine classic designs and clinic workmanship were the main highlights of the collection. Fozia Hammad’s ready to wear couture collection had the Norwegian media raving about her.

Her designs reflected the ancient traditions of Pakistan craftsmanship in contemporary fashion. Her display of outfits descended gracefully from day wear to party wears dresses. The garments were accessorized with intrinsically crafter jewellery and bags. Rani Emaan is one of the earliest and reputed diva among fashion buffs. Rani has developed a unique style of her own. Her collection was rich in colors, elegant in styles and classy in looks. The outfits were purely traditional but trendy look that kept close to our cultural heritage. Tony Navaid Rashid enthralled the fashion freaks with his soulful voice and wrapped up the show with a bang. The entire fashion show was well organized by DE-concepts of Daniyal Arshad. Bablo was the official stylist of the whole show.