KARACHI - The Karachiites have to face unannounced power outages until May 20 as spare part required to repair KE unit of Bin Qasim Power Station has reached Karachi from Holland.

As the power shortfall increased, the areas which were previously exempted from loadshedding now also facing power break up to six hours whereas other areas of the city remained in dark for 10 to 14 hours. The electricity shortfall increased woes of the citizens in the holy month of Ramazan. However, the power utility claimed that there will be some improvement from May 20.

The KE spokesperson said that spare part called ‘the rotor’ reached Karachi via speedy cargo aircraft and the same has been transferred to KE’s Bin Qasim facility on emergency basis. The spokesperson said a team of experts initiated installation work of the equipment at plant premises, hoping that the power station’s restoration work would be completed by May 20 the loadshedding duration would be reduced after that. “The city’s power situation will be improved in next few days”.

The KE spokesperson said that they were currently facing shortage caused by a fault at one unit of its Bin Qasim power plant that leading power outage up to 3 hours at previously exempted residential areas but they are currently experiencing temporary load-management.

The power utility however regretted the inconvenience caused to customers during this time and claimed that it was making all possible efforts to improve the power situation in the city. “The industrial areas as well as all strategic installations are still exempted from load-shed whereas supply of electricity is normal at the intermediate examination centers as well while no unscheduled load shed is carried out in the city,” claimed KE.

Moreover, the KE spokesperson said that it was committed to serve its customers during Ramazan wherein peak demand is expected to reach around 3400 MW. The residential customers will be given priority during Sehr and Iftar whereas industrial areas will experience loadsheding of up to 6 hours during the night.

The power utility urged the consumers to conserve energy throughout the day and avoid the use of heavy machinery during peak hours.