LAHORE (PR) GREE, Pakistan’s premier consumer electronics brand, has won six awards, including three gold awards, one silver award, and two special awards, at the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. GREE AI multi VRF unit GMV6 got a gold award and Saudi Arabia Outstanding Innovation Award, and the high-precision magnetic bearing system got a gold award and Morocco Special Gold Award.

GREE AI Multi VRF Unit GMV6’s low-power standby control, new intelligent defrost control, high-efficiency heat exchange self-adaption technology, and intelligent rotation control makes it achieve standby power as low as 1W for a single outdoor unit and up to 40% of efficiency improvement for continuous heating.

GREE High-precision Magnetic Bearing System is composed of five core components: magnetic bearing, bearing controller, displacement sensor, high-speed motor and high-power inverter. The shaft is stably suspended in space by electromagnetic force, thus, achieving oil-free, friction-free, and high-speed operation.

Over the years, the brand has gained a significant market share in consumer electronics due to its state of the art technology, durability and cost effectiveness. In Pakistan DWP Group is the official distributor of GREE,ensuring nationwide availability of its products, along with prompt after-sales support.

On the occasion, Mr. Rizwan Butt, Chief Operating Officer - DWP Group CE Division, said, “With the detailed research and development of key and core technologies, GREE intends to produce more innovative and refined products worldwide.”