I would like to draw the attention of general public and concern authorities towards a perpetual matter of our city that is coastline pollution in Karachi.

No one will disagree that pollution is one of the biggest problems all over the world. Every country is trying to minimize this problem by adopting different tools and measures.

In Pakistan pollution is also one of the major problems especially as the time is passing this problem is becoming more and more severe, we all know that Karachi is considered as economical hub of Pakistan.

The Karachi coastline, which stretches over 135 km, is facing severe water and land pollution due to a combination of industrial, port, municipal, and transportation activities in the area. The Karachi sea side’s growing pollution level is leading towards the destruction of the stability and economy of the country. The greatest pollution occurs at Karachi port is because of its use for transportation.

Illegally pumping out bilges and refuse at the port’s oil terminal. Sewage and garbage from the visiting vessels are often uncontrolled and while the offenders are often fined by port authorities, this has not been an effective deterrent.

But the main problem is the ill equipped and inadequately trained authorities which are illiterate and irresponsible.

Citizens should be aware of the devastating consequences of this pollution to our country.

I hope through your newspaper people and highly posted authorities will take notice of their responsibilities.

I believe that you will understand my point. As I am very fond of your newspaper and as a reader and well-wisher, I urge you to refocus your attention on the object that really matters.


Karachi, May 8.