MULTAN - Water expert and former director of Kalabagh Dam Engr Mumtaz Ahmed Khan stated that dams were inevitable for the existence of the country, saying dams could easily be built at over 15 sites.

Addressing the participants of a seminar organised by Life Skill Awareness Society here at a local college, he added that water was a great gift from Allah and we must respect this blessing. He said that the construction of new dams had become the issue of life and death for the country, adding “We need to take practical steps with utmost honesty.”

He said that dams had uncountable benefits. “We can store rainwater in dams which can be used later on. Similarly, dams can prevent floods while dams will help produce electricity too,” he added. He warned that the level of underground water was plunging continuously as water usage had increased manifolds during last few years. He warned that the country would have to face serious drought and famine in coming days if dams were not built forthwith. He regretted that Kala Bagh and other dams could not be built because some elements did politics on this issue. “It’s a purely technical issue. It has nothing to do with the politics. We need to exhibit a serious behaviour on dams,” he asserted.

New dams can easily be built at over 15 sites

Speaking on this occasion, Prof Naem Yaseen said that the nation needed to seek guidance from experts like Engr Khan to develop consensus for building dams. He warned: “If we fail to develop consensus at national level, our coming generations will starve.”

Prof Riasat Ali said that it was the responsibility of policy makers to ensure the construction of new dams in the country. He added that the existence of the country and the nation was subject to the construction of new dams.

Admin urged to take pity

on citizens in Ramazan

Citizens of Hafizabad have called upon the administration to take pity on them as the prices of all essential commodities have skyrocketed.

Talking to The Nation, they said that the administration should provide relief to people by ensuring the availability of foodstuffs at subsidised rates particularly during the holy month of Ramazan.

Meanwhile, Hafizabad deputy commissioner conducted a surprise visit to Jalalpur Bhattian Ramazan Bazar and directed the in-charge to ensure the provision of essential commodities at minimum rates possible.

He appreciated the in-charge of the bazaar for providing sugar, vegetables, grams, ghee, onion, dates, rice, poultry, beef, mutton and other commodities at subsidised rates. He also visited fair price shop established by the market committee and reviewed the quality of wheat, flour and sugar there.

Speaking on the occasion, he assured the citizens that the administration would provide essential commodities at minimum rates possible and the profiteers would be taken to task.

On the other hand, Special Price Magistrates arrested four shopkeepers for violating Price Control Act. They also challaned 244 shopkeepers and collected Rs674,000 as fine from them for selling different commodities on inflated prices.

eight prisoners released

on personal surety

Additional District and Sessions Judge Syed Faheem Shahid visited District Jail Hafizabad and set free eight prisoners involved in petty cases. He also inspected different barracks and wards of women and children and reviewed the sanitary conditions there. He also visited kitchen and checked the quality of foodstuff and other material being used for cooking food. He expressed his satisfaction over the arrangements made by the jail administration to facilitate prisoners according to the jail manual.