ISLAMABAD - Pakistan National Council of the Arts has arranged curtain raiser of “Three Drops of Blood” Chinese Shaanxi folk opera cartoon here on May 17.

“Three Drops of Blood” is a classical story with 500 years’ circulation by a theatre genius known as Oriental Shakespeare with a long lasting performance of 100 years. It is a product of Shaanxi Association of the Promotion of International Cultural Exchange, the Shaanxi Dramatists Association.

“Three Drops of Blood”, one of Fan Zidong’s classical masterpieces was composed in 1918, one hundred years ago. The script is derived from Your Wei Thatched Cottage Notes, a popular Qing Dynasty classical Chinese novel written by Ji Yun, a scholar of the Imperial Academy, in his twilight years.

The story’s themes touch upon ancient and apocryphal issues, the emperor’s court, interpersonal relations and textual research on the classics of the upper class.

 meanwhile involving folklore, anecdote, medical science, divination and astrology, and the tales of God, ghosts and goblins discussed among the lower classes.

Covering all walks of life, these stories, elegant, popular, orthodox or fantastic, reflect contemporary social, laying bare several of its contradictions and illustrating the good and evil conduct of the various social classes of the day.