KARACHI    -   PTI city president Khurram Sher Zaman has stated that the performance of PPP in past 11 years in Sindh is zero. The City of Lights is facing destruction and mismanagement. Immediate steps are need of the hour to stop further destruction.

In the past, Karachi had the honour of being the capital of the country. Due to ineptitude of Sindh government, neither this city remained the City of Lights nor is it the city of beautiful flowers and gardens.

In his statement issued by Insaf House Karachi on Thursday, Khurrum Sher Zaman moreover said that there are no trees, greenery, parks, playgrounds, universities or hospitals in Karachi except those, which were made 40 years back by the past government.

“PPP came into government several times in 40 years but it deprived the city of development. There is no clean water to drink neither there is sewerage system, nor transport. There are no public toilets in the city. There is very a lot garbage, dust and soil in the city. The unclean water of sewerage has made the walls look ugly and distasteful,” he added.

“Due to increase in the number of stray dogs in the city, the incidents of dog-biting are increasing as well as the ailments rising due to non-availability of spray campaign for killing the mosquitos. The City of Lights looks like Katchi Abadi due to incompetence of PPP Sindh government instead of a proper looking metropolitan city,” Khurram added.

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a package of Rs 162 billion as development fund for Karachi immediately after PTI came into power.

The Karachi Package includes funds for infrastructure, water, sewerage and other important tasks, said Sher Zaman.

He added: “After 18th Amendment, it is the responsibility of provincial government to take care the development works in the city but PPP is hiding its face from the public because it has nothing to do except looting, corruption and destruction in Sindh.”