ISLAMABAD - An exhibition of calligraphy in connection with the holy month of Ramazan by renowned artist Azeem Iqbal, featuring 60 stunning calligraphic art pieces which depicted Islamic arts, concluded at Rawalpindi Arts Council on Thursday.

The collection of calligraphy featured Qura’nic verses that portrayed the message of peace and harmony as the work focused on era of Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon Him).

Iqbal’s masterpieces of calligraphy captured the golden period of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) to different eras of Islamic civilizations and the present century while he skilfully employs various mediums like leather, stone, wood, bamboo, gold, bronze, copper and hand crafted paper to create beautiful pieces.

The panels on display were reflective of the crafty art, while the masterly executed calligraphy lines, sculptural and monumental innovations and antiquity was symbolized by the touch of wood and the sanctity imbued with ‘Aab-e-Zamzam’.

Iqbal is among the artists who introduced new techniques of calligraphy by using leather, wood, gold leaf, handmade paper, stones, copper and other traditional items blended with Kufi, Taluth and Nastalique scripts.

The stress was less on structural variations than on the meanings of the written words which are used primarily to express feelings, emotions, thoughts, wishes, desires, commands and pleasure, Iqbal said.

The artist used numerous traditional arts to embellish his work. These decorative arts are used not only to visualize beauty of the work but also capture the spirit of the written words.

Iqbal’s calligraphies were decorated with floral and geometrical patterns in the oriental tradition while tea-washed paper was used to give a typical burnt and antique look. The technique of Collage was used in the broader sense to complete a crafty art panel.

The self-taught artist gets his inspiration from nature with the ideology that calligraphy is a field of love and devotion.

“My calligraphies portray divine rhythmic beauty and exaltation in spiritual domain. I have introduced a new dimensional style in the Islamic calligraphy covering the golden era of Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon Him) to the present century,” Iqbal said.