It goes without saying that polio workers are being targeted for many years in Pakistan due to multiple rumours about polio vaccine. This misinformation originated severe consequences for polio campaign to accomplish the mission of eradicating polio in the country.

Accordingly, national anti-polio vaccination campaign is being attacked continuously in different areas of the country. In the past week, polio workers and security personals were attacked. Two police officers escorting polio vaccinators in Bannu- a district of Southern KPK were shot dead; in Lahore two polio workers were badly wounded in a knife attack; in Chaman - a district in Balochistan, a female polio vaccinator Nasreen was shot dead by unknown gunmen and another female worker received critical injuries. In Balochistan, more than ten female polio workers were targeted and killed recently.

Attacks on vaccinating teams are rising drastically in the tribal areas of Balochistan and KPK because of different religiously conservative misconceptions. Violence against the vaccinators associated with the efforts to vaccinate the children has killed dozens of people in Pakistan since 2012.

Thus, unambiguous widespread news about polio vaccine on social media and warning the parents against having their children vaccinated further hinders the dream of having a polio free country. The relevant authorities are humbly requested to immediately take actions against those who have been involved in such heinous acts, as 262,000 polio workers are working towards this cause.


Turbat, May 8.