MIRPUR               -              Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Raja Fa­rooq Haider Khan on Saturday warned that the government would not allow anyone to take undue advantage of relaxation in the lockdown and play with the lives of people.

He expressed these views during his visit to his constitu­ency in Hattian Bala Bazaar.

The prime minister said that relaxation in the lockdown was aimed at minimizing the suf­ferings of people. “By relaxing the lockdown, I don’t mean that gatherings and rush of people in the markets have been permit­ted. Government’s measures to curtail the spread of coronavirus would be fruitless if the public is not willing to cooperate,” the pre­mier said emphatically.

He urged the people to show sense of responsibility, celebrate Eid with simplic­ity and take care of the basic needs of the deserving peo­ple around them.

Raja Farooq Haider also appealed to the public to of­fer special prayers in the holy month of Ramadan and beg forgiveness from Allah (The Al­mighty) for sins in order to get rid of the Covid-19.

He also issued directives to the district administration and met with the party workers dur­ing the visit. Earlier, the prime minister visited the house of former ASI Shakeel Awan at Chattiyan and offered Fateha for his departed soul. Later, he attended the funeral of Shah Nawaz Kiani, son of former ad­visor to the AJK government, late Muhammad Khan Kiani, at Gujjar Bandi area of Chinnari, and expressed his deep grief and sorrow over the death