The politicians have been engaged in a dispute since September, as Abdullah refused to recognise the results of the presidential elections in the country. Both Ghani and Abdullah held inauguration ceremonies in March.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his political opponent Abdullah Abdullah, the former chief executive, signed a deal on Sunday, agreeing to share power and form a unity government. According to reports, Dr Abdullah will lead the National Reconciliation High Council and some members of his team will hold government positions.

The agreement puts an end to the political stalemate that began after the September elections, as Abdullah stated that he had been deprived of victory by vote-rigging and formed his own parallel government.

The news comes as Kabul is trying to launch a peace process with the Taliban after the United States brokered a deal with the movement in a bid to end the almost 19-year-long campaign and withdraw American forces from the country.

However, relations between the government and the militants remain tense despite a prisoner swap, as the Taliban and Afghan forces continue to clash in various parts of the country.