RAHIM YAR KHAN                      -                Flour mills across Punjab, including those in Rahim Yar Khan, went on strike on Saturday in protest against what the mills owners alleged Food Department’s negative policies. President of Flour Mills Association Punjab Abdul Rauf Mukhtar, along with the Executive Member of the Association Chaudhry Usman Mahmood, while talking to reporters here on Saturday, said that as soon as the current wheat procurement season started, the Food Department banned the purchase of wheat due to which it was no longer possible for them to continue their business. He said that although some days ago, Provincial Food Minister Aleem Khan had announced lifting of the ban on inter-district wheat movement, the provincial bureaucracy refused to accept the decision. He said that the Punjab government had promised at the beginning of the season that flour mills could keep wheat stock, and as soon as the government’s target was met, they would be allowed to purchase wheat, but lately they backed out of their promise and started raids on the flour mills.