Our body, our emotions, our heartbeat—everything has a rhythm. When a patient goes to the doctor, they first check the patient’s heartbeat and when the heartbeat is not in its natural rhythm, the patient is informed that they are unwell. Alas, COVID-19 has disrupted our rhythm— physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The pandemic has unleashed anxiety, distress and boredom, and it has disrupted the mind’s rhythm; our mind is either in the past or the future, such that when the mind is in the past we suffer from depression and when it is thinking about the future, we experience anxiety. Our mind is thus, in a constant vacillation, either in the past or the future but never in the present moment, especially during unprecedented times such as the ongoing pandemic.

So how do we bring our mind into the present moment? How do we help bring our mind at ease? Our answer lies in the art of meditation and yoga that change our negative emotions and relax our mind and body. The power of meditation lies within us all, and it knows no bounds. It enables us to rest well and when we rest well, not only do we function better but our immune system also becomes stronger. Indeed, the pandemic has given birth to sheer stress and uncertainty, signalling us that these challenging times are when we should check in with ourselves. Similarly, yoga also enables us to live in the present moment—it is the union of our mind, body, and breath. Such a harmonisation empowers us to regulate the rhythm of our heart and reduces our stress levels as we start to consciously live in the present moment, we begin to live in the now. It encourages the cessation of overthinking and teaches us how to respond to anxiety and insecurity in a positive manner. Both, meditation and yoga are pathways to the journey of exploring the self—a state of total consciousness which is timeless, ageless and deathless.

During such uncertain times, the pathway to self-exploration is critical; the greater your connection with the self, the greater your connection to a perfect health and a stronger immune system, two features that are prerequisites for our survival. In a time of quarantine and self-isolation, pause and explore yourself. During this lockdown, give new meaning to emotions that are often confounded as discouraging—solitude, for example, is not boring; instead it is an emotion that enables you to experience clarity of mind and peacefulness. Similarly, boredom is merely a border between appreciation and agitation; convert your boredom into productivity, channel good thoughts and positivity.

During this lockdown, unlock your creativity and take care of yourself, a critical task we forget to complete in the race against time. Spend your time in a productive manner; read books that have been on your wish list but your busy routine has prevented you from indulging into them; awaken your inner artist by experimenting with colour, stroke and texture; cook and stir your inner chef as you explore the art of fusion, try new recipes and dive into the world of senses as you smell the aromas of exquisite spices, hear the sizzle of onion rings and see the glaze on the doughnuts.

During this lockdown, change your perception. Rethink, redefine and re-evaluate your thoughts, actions and reactions. Understand the interconnectedness of life; explore how your thoughts determine your actions that subsequently form your habits, which consequently frame your character, and eventually your character shapes your destiny. While these quarantine measures may force you to feel limited, remember that you are limitless and you can make every moment count by revitalising your energy and positive vibrations.

As you readjust yourself during quarantine, move inwards to focus on your mind, self, body and health. Remember, there is strength in peace, in calmness and in love—meditate, create and radiate during this lockdown and you will discover your rhythm.