ISLAMABAD                  -              Caprice took her ‘miracle’ dog Stinker for a walk during the UK’s lockdown amid the on-going coronavirus crisis. The American model, 48, appeared to be in good spirits as she doted on her pooch, who is deaf and has dementia, by carrying her in her arms in London. Of her beloved pet, an insider told: ‘Caprice is very close to her dog Stinker who is now 19 years old. Caprice got her not long after she moved to London to keep her company. Unfortunately Stinker suffers from dementia and is deaf. Stinker also has heart problems and Caprice has to carry her to a patch of grass near her house as she can’t walk very far.

Stinker’s cardiologist was honest with Caprice and they said she wouldn’t survive more than 6 months but that was two and a half years ago now. Stinker is still a happy dog and is in no pain or discomfort.’