ISLAMABAD - Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Justice (R) Javed Iqbal said that the Bureau has set a goal of eradicating corruption and recovering looted money from corrupt elements without caring about browbeating, duress and propaganda of vested interests.

He said the main aim of setting such a goal is to purge the beloved country of Pakistan of corruption. The NAB officers are performing their national duties and will continue to do so in future also, he added.

The Chairman said that NAB is strictly adhering to its zero-tolerance policy against corruption. He said all available resources will be utilised to tackle the cases of corruption in order to recover looted money from people allegedly involved in corruption in housing society Mudarba/Musharka scams. The corrupt elements who have looted the government and the people by misusing their authority, making assets beyond their known sources of income, or indulging in money laundering would not be spared, he added.

Chairman NAB these efforts would continue persistently so that the looted money could be recovered and deposited in the national exchequer.

He said NAB has no affiliation with any political party, group or individual but its only affiliation is with the state of Pakistan. Because of this, the performance of NAB has been appreciated by reputed national and international institutions.


According to Gillani and Gallup survey 59 percent of Pakistanis have expressed their confidence over the performance of NAB.