ISLAMABAD                  -              Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir recently got married in March 2020. Although the two of them share a great bonding, the better bond however, happens to be between Sajal and her mother-in-law Samra Mir, lovingly known as Mama Mir. Sajal and Samra share a very close bond much like a mother and daughter. From the pictures and praises the duo showers upon each other, it seems, Sajal has found a mother in Samra. Samra has been seen supporting Sajal a lot of times, also posting her favorite scenes and pictures of Sajal on her Instagram. This time, the loving mother in law has a beautiful message for her daughter-in-law. “Lucky to be in quarantine with my bahut pyari Sajal who is my best friend too. Best Ramazan ever,” wrote Mama Mir on her Instagram. Sajal might have lost her birth mother but she surely has found one in Samra Mir aka Mama Mir. We love how the two have bonded together and wish them a lifetime of happiness ahead.