LAHORE - About 17 cinemas of the provincial metropolis will exhibit only three new movies including Lollywood productions 'Numbardarni and 'Alyasa Gujjar and a Bollywood movie 'Guzarish, TheNation learnt on Tuesday. Another Pakistani movie 'Billo Balaa which is actually re-titled will be screened at Capital Cinema. The movie having the cast of Moamar Rana, Saima, Babar Ali and Saima Khan was screened with the name of 'Chan Mehr in the past. Masood Butts film 'Numbardarni would be presented at Shabistan Cinema. It has very rich cast including Shan, Nargis, Saud, Meera, Nasir Chanioti and others. 'Alyasa Gujar produced by Chaudhary Khadim Hussain and directed by Pervez Rana would be screened at Prince Cinema. The movie has the cast including Shan, Nagis, Sila Hussain, Shafqat Cheema and others. 'Wohti Le K Jani Ay directed by Syed Noor that is already being screened at Metropol would continue on the Eid as well. Maximum cinemas of the City would continue the old Bollywood and Lollywood movies, however, a Bollywood movie 'Guzarish is expected to release on the occasion of Eid and according to cinema owners they would screen the movie. But some cinemas including Cinestar, Township and Cinegold, Bahria Town are of the view that they might be continue the old Indian films as they think 'Guzarish would release on November 19 (Friday). However, Qasar Khan of Film Exhibitors Association expected 'Guzarish would be released today (Wednesday) and would be presented at DHA, Sozo Gold and Sozo World as well as Cinestar and Sinegold. Two Bollywood movies 'Gol Mal 3 'and 'Action Replay are already in the arena in various cinemas of the provincial metropolis including Plaza Cinema. It is expected that most of the cinemas would continue exhibition of 'Gol Mal 3 'and 'Action Replay despite release of 'Guzarish. Whereas, leading theatres of the City are also presenting a sufficient number of plays on the occasion of Eid. Al-Falah Theatre is presenting Haseena Mast Mast in which renowned artists including Sakhawat Naz, Nargis, Nasir Chanioti, Sardar Kamal and others would be performed. Mehfil Hall would present Sajan Nairey Aa. Amanat Chan, Zafari Khan, Tariq Teddi, Khushboo and Megha are among the performers of the play. Kuryan Mithyan Churyan would be performed at Naz theatre in which Nida Akbar, Anjuman Shahzadi, Sajan Abbas, Zara Akbar and others will perform.