The FIA is being mentioned as having conducted the investigations which are supposed to have led to the government accepting the Musharraf-era investigation into Ms Benazir Bhuttos murder during the last election campaign, and thus deciding that all the officials were innocent of any complicity. This do-nothing report is despite the PPP having made the murder, which occurred during the 2008 election campaign, a major issue for the rest of the campaign under Ms Bhuttos widower Asif Zardari, her successor, along with son Bilawal, as head of the PPP. The PPP government which came to office then had a UN investigation conducted, though its conclusions, that the Musharraf-era officials should be interrogated, was not implemented. As a result, the investigation petered out into nothing. This seems the right time for Mr Zardari, now President, to come good on his public claim that he knew who had committed the murder. As the investigation runs out of steam, President Zardari owes it not just to his dead wife, but to the entire nation, to share this information. It is almost as if President Zardari has chosen to guard this secret like the secrets of Tashkent, on which his late father-in-law fought the epochal 1971 election. His father-in-law, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, took those secrets to the grave after he was hanged, and if the President does not speak up now, there is every chance that the case, like that of numerous other high-profile mysteries, will be shelved as unsolved. The present government has been pursuing the case politically, not as a murder case, with the result that it has been afflicted with sloppy police work. The leads in the case should have been followed vigorously as soon as they came up, and followed wherever they might have led, irrespective of where they led. There is still time to do that, but as any experienced policeman will tell the government, as time passes, the criminal has a better and better chance of getting away.