WASHINGTON (AFP) - US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on Tuesday admi-tted the economic crisis had cost the US credibility on the world stage, as he again urged China to revamp its currency policy. Fresh from a top-level Group of 20 meeting during which the United States struggled to convince partners to rebalance the world economy in a way that would help US growth, Geithner said US credibility had been called into question. It is important that Amer-icans understand... the crisis caused a huge amount of damage to our credibility, he said. China, the worlds preemi-nent emerging economic superpower, has faced down US demands that it let the value of the yuan rise, a move that would make Chinese exports less competitive. Speaking at a Washington forum, Geithner said that the financial crisis has called into question United States economic management in a way that continues to reverberate. He also admitted that China was very adverse to a precipitous large change in the value of the yuan, which many believe is 10-20 percent undervalued. But he added the value of the yuan would rise, either through choice or through inflation, and too slow a move could fuel dangerous asset price bubbles. China is letting its currency rise, it is rising very gradually, they are clearly adverse to a precipitous large move, and I understand that. But he added: If they dont let it rise, all that pressure, that fundamental economic pressure a reflection of the fact that China is growing very, very quickly... that pressure is going to end up in inflation or it going to end up in asset price bubbles.