Take any dimension; scientific, seismological or topological, there is no substitute to Kalabagh Dam. Small dams may be built to control the water flow in tributaries of river Kabul so that apprehensions of the people of Nowshera and Charsadda are mitigated. It is regrettable that some politicians in few regions of the country created lot of noise about KBD. Nobody from the same areas have as yet issued a note of serious concern about number of dams India is building on our rivers. Floods of 2010 should have put an end to existing prejudices. But the reason which may lead to greater prosperity of the country appears to be neglected. It should not be forgotten that floods occur again. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani enjoys the unique distinction of being a democratic leader and elected with the mandate of the people. He should sincerely try to obtain the approval of dissenting sections of society. Unless we have enough water and energy all sectors of our industry and commerce will continue to suffer. KHALID HASSAN, Lahore, November 15.