LAHORE (PPI) - The price as well as the supply of fish have declined in the wholesale market due to Eid-ul-Azha festivity. The fish supply has come down by 60 per cent while prices have been reduced up to Rs 30 per kg. According to details, fish supply plummeted near to 2,500 kg per day that reaches up to 7,000 kgs from September to March while it hits the highest point of 10,000 per day in November and December every year. While talking to PPI news agency, General Secretary Anjuman-e-Tajran Machchli Mandi, Mori Gate, Sardar Azhar Hussain Jhabail said that the main reason of this plunge in supply is because retail traders have gone back to their respective homes to celebrate Eid festival with their family members. The other reason behind dropping the fish sale and rate is that people have abandoned buying fish as they are waiting for sacrificial animals meat. He further elaborated that every year before Eid days, fish sale and rates have been dropped significantly as people do not eat fish in these days. Last week, while quoting an example, he said Rahu was selling at Rs 230 per kg but now it is being sold at Rs 180 per kg. Fish Market President Mohammad Yasin Butt said that government is not addressing fish market problems including sewerage, security and street lights despite committing promises several time. He said last year, Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif sent Sajjad Bhutta to fish market to redress the grievances of fish traders but so far no action has been taken and street lights and sewerage is being taken care of by fish traders themselves on self-bases. He further complained that fish traders are facing serious problems of space shortage. He said that government promised to shift fish market to Saggian Bridge and ensured to bear 80 per cent expenditure if traders bear 20 per cent. He said traders are stilling anxiously waiting for the implementation of this project. He hoped that Punjab government will not only resolve street light, sewerage and security problems of fish market but would take steps to shift it to promised Saggian Bridge site very soon. He was of the view that only 20 per cent fish is being supplied from rivers while 80 per cent fish is provided by farms located across Punjab including D.G. Khan, Khan Garh, Multan, Ali Pur Chattha and Okara while the quantity of fish from sea is negligible. However, he said that Mali, Sohl, Sanghari and Khaga fish are the product of rivers whereas Rahu, Mori, Thala and Silver are being produce in abundance from farms. According to a survey in city fish market the rates of different varieties of fish are as Rahu Rs 120 per kg (1 kg piece) while Rs 180 per kg (2-3 kg), while 2 Kg piece ofSanghari Rs 300 per kg, Khaga Rs 200 per kg, Thela Rs 180 per kg, Mali Rs 100 per kg , Sohl Rs 400 per kg, Bam Rs 250 per kg, Chira Rs 100 per Kg, Silver Rs 120 per kgand Mori Rs 130 per kg.