LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has ordered a thorough inquiry into the embezzlement of over Rs 200 million of the Punjab Development Fund during the period of the PML-Q government in the province. The sources in the Chief Ministers Secretariat told TheNation on Tuesday that the relevant authorities have been ordered to complete the task at the earliest and submit the report. It may be pointed out that the matter had earlier been looked into by the Special Investigation Unit of the Anti-Corruption Establishment which had submitted a comprehensive report to the Chief Secretary with the request that the inquiry team be allowed to summon senior bureaucrats like Salman Siddique, S. M. Sikandar, Sohail Ahmed Khan, Abdul Majeed Shahid and many others so that their statements could be recorded. The team was of the view that although there was no doubt that the bureaucrats mentioned in the report were responsible for the wrong doings, to meet the ends of justice it was necessary to record their statements. Under the rules, bureaucrats in Grades-20 and above cannot be investigated or summoned without the Chief Ministers permission. Similarly, officers in grades below 20 can be called only with the permission of the Chief Secretary. However, the report is still pending with the higher authorities and the Chief Minister has not issued any order on the request made about summoning the bureaucrats. 'The Chief Minister has seen and is pleased to desire that a thorough probe/ inquiry be carried out against the principal beneficiaries and officials involved in forgery, fraud and embezzlement, said a letter issued by Chief Ministers Secretary Dr Tauqir Shah. The letter doesnt mention anything about the said request. Sources say that the fresh order amounts to delaying a very serious issue as the inquiry ordered by the Chief Minister had already been completed and a report thereof submitted to the relevant authorities. The sources said already a good deal of time had passed but the government had failed to take any action against the accused. The fresh order would cause a further delay, they said. 'Infact the fresh order has exposed the commitment of the present rulers to uprooting corruption, said an official of the Chief Ministers Secretariat on the condition of anonymity. He said it was a test case for Shahbaz Sharif to prove that he really had zero tolerance for the corrupt people. Mian Shahbaz Sharif had repeatedly said that he would proceed against those who looted national resources. He had also declared a 'war against the corrupt District Nazims who had devoured billions of the public money. However, there has been no progress on that front as well.