ISLAMABAD - Speakers in a seminar on Tuesday said that the Government needed to take some special measures to curb extremism and terrorism completely. They said that the measures including complete database of every individual in the country, effective immigration and visa issuance system, strong police system, free education and free and independent judiciary and media were vital to eradicate this menace. In the current situation it is vital to introduce a system, which contains complete database of every individual living in Pakistan in order to make possible tracking of individuals after any terrorist activity. Strong database of birth and death could be effectively maintained and kept available to the intelligence and security agencies, the speakers said during a daylong discussion entitled Special Measures to Control Terrorism organised by Individualland Pakistan, a non-governmental organisation. Gulmina Bilal, Executive Director Individualland Pakistan, presided over the meeting. Zeeshan Khan, Fahad-ul-Hassan, Shaukat Ali Ashraf, Zulfiqar Ahmad, Adnan Zeb, Ahmad Mukhtar, Awais Ali and people form different walks of life participated in the discussion. Effective immigration, visa issuance and visitors tracking system should be developed with the help of latest information technology in order to curb terrorism and extremism completely, they said. The speakers suggested that there was a dire need of a strong police system to eradicate crime and terrorists. The education, training and physical fitness of police force should be achieved on priority basis, they said. They said that the Government needed to stop influence of politicians in the police system and in this regard the Parliament should pass legislation to immediately curb the involvement politicians in the matters of police. Education is the only way to bring awareness among people about the anti-state agenda, therefore, the Government need to allocate funds for the improvement of education ratio in the country. Free schools, health centres and public parks may be built with enormous speed, they said.