KARACHI (APP) Doctors have urged all, particularly housewives, to wear gloves while handling raw meat during the three days of Eid-ul-Azha. This is extremely important so as to avoid any unwarranted health condition due to direct exposure to raw meat, hide as well as cattle excreta. At this point of season when viral infections are assuming epidemic proportions it is important to adopt necessary precautions, said Dr. Afaq Ahmed. Use of hand gloves and masks is particularly important for people who may be suffering from injury or open wound that could turn into a transmission source for any cattle induced disease, he elaborated. Dr. Ibrar Ali was of the opinion that people with injured hand must avoid handling raw meat. He also advised people to ensure that raw meat may not be left unattended for hours as this could affect its quality that again may be hazardous for the consumers. This is strongly advised that meat be immediately distributed once the cattle is slaughtered and the portion left for the use of family is properly cooked and properly preserved, said the senior doctor. Dr Mobina Agboatwala said that while beef is a rich source of iron for children but it should be taken in small proportions by adults. Meat, be it beef or mutton must be taken in combination with vegetables, she said. The senior pediatrician also advised people to ensure maximum intake of fresh fruits and juices coupled with increased consumption of meat during the Eid-ul-Azha and the following days.