LAHORE - One third of the City has been vacated as the last lot of outsiders left for their respective hometowns on Tuesday to celebrate Eidul Azha with their near and dear ones. This is regular exodus witnessed by the City twice in a year on the eve of Eidul Fitr and Eidul Azha. The mass departure starting four days back completed on Tuesday as over three million people left for their native towns. Major bus terminals at Lorry Adda, Bund Road and Ferozepur Road, and Lahore Railways Stations continued to witness extra ordinary rush as a large number of outsiders prefer to leave on the last day before Eid. Businessmen working in various markets, labourers and those who could not get conveyance the previous days, thronged bus terminals and Railways Station for reaching their respective destinations. The departure of a large number of vehicles caused unprecedented rush on all exit points, mainly Ravi Bridge, Babu Sabu and Ferozepur Road. The closure of Saggian Bridge due to ongoing repair work put additional load on Ravi Bridge and Babu Sabu interchange, adding to the woes of people leaving the City on their own cars. With the large number of vehicles leaving Lahore, the exit points witnessed massive traffic jams till late Tuesday night. Vehicles leaving the City at exit points were seen moving at a snails pace, causing huge inconvenience to people going to their hometowns. Those leaving the City on their own cars faced only the inconvenience of traffic jams, but those travelling on public transport faced extra ordeal of huge rush of passengers, overloading and overcharging on the part of greedy transporters. The transporters were charging double the fare on almost all routes, exploiting the extraordinary surge of passengers wanting to reach their hometowns before Eid. To the question of overcharging, the transporters have a stereotype excuse that unprecedented increase in fuel prices has forced them to raise fares while they hardly get any passenger while coming back to Lahore. At certain places, desperate passengers were seen exchanging hot words with drivers and conductors for charging twice the normal fare. The transporters resorted to forcing passengers to either keep standing or sit on bus rooftops. Some devious drivers created an artificial shortage of vehicles for charge exorbitant rates. They parked their vehicles away from passengers sight, yet close to the bus stands. Passengers criticised the authorities for failing to stop the transporters from indulging in these illegal activities. Extraordinary rush was witnessed at General Bus Stand and other bus terminals at Bund Road and Ferozepur Road with people making efforts to get a seat for their respective destinations. Due to unavailability of seats, the passengers were forced to travel while standing and sitting on bus rooftops. The situation was even worse at Lahore Railway Station. Inordinate delay in the arrival and departure of trains enhanced hardships of passengers. The persons who failed to get seats were forced to travel while standing in passenger compartments. On branch routes, passengers were seen travelling while sitting in luggage compartments and on rooftops as well.