LAHORE - Millions of mobile and internet messages will be sent by the countrymen to their loved ones on the occasion of Eidul Azha. Public and private mobile companies would earn millions of rupees through these chats among the countrymen. Thanks to the new generation, hi-tech revolution, social websites and mobile technology and other means of communication, which are spreading Eid wishes in seconds throughout the country and abroad and keeping the youth busy in maintaining their social contacts. Wishing happy Eid to dear ones had been started in advance and would also continue even after the Eid. Interestingly, there were not only good wishes but competitions also had been started among the youth as they were comparing their sacrificial animals with each other using picture messages and describing their qualities. 'Bakra online, 'My lamb is better than yours and 'We bought our cow with more price than yours and others were the common messages.