LAHORE - Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has urged the nation to celebrate Eidul Azha by pledging to help millions of the flood victims in their rehabilitation, rising above all regional, linguistic and religious prejudices. In his Eid message, he said the government and political leadership were duty-bound to show altruism and help the flood-hit stand on their own feet. Eid, the PML-N chief said, taught patience and tolerance. The festival was being celebrated in a situation when a large number of people had been hit by unprecedented floods. The spirit of Eid required the well-to-do to help the others who were in a difficult situation. On this day, he said, people should not forget those who had fallen prey to terrorism or who sacrificed their lives for the supremacy of Islam or solidarity of the country. Mr Sharif said people should express solidarity with the families of such elements and help them restart life. The message said that social justice and equal opportunities should be provided to all to make it possible for the country to face all challenges. The enemy could not defeat a society where justice was available to all, said the former prime minister. He urged the nation to pledge not to spare any sacrifice for the supremacy of Islam, law and the Constitution.