There is one law that seems to evade our legislators eyes for a very long time now. Every time, a terrorist attack happens, it is condemned, a certain monetary amount is announced for the aggrieved on ad-hoc basis, and the martyrs if they are servicemen get a guard of honor at their burial. What is required in addition to these measures is a legislation that binds the federal government to support the families of these martyrs in the best possible way it can. This includes free education, free healthcare and housing facilities for these families who have lost their bread earners in such attacks. Nobody can bring their loved ones back, but the government can at least strive to give them a decent chance to live a respectable life through this measure. We pray that the souls of our martyrs rest in peace. It is a legislation of this kind that will go a long way in making sure that they do. AAFIQ AKRAM, California, November 15.