Terror and scare terrorise the air surrounding Balochistan. Tangle of missing persons has not been untangled. Despite tall claims of the government, funding of any new development projects is extinct; therefore denying job opportunities to the people. Even the basic communication infrastructure speaks of misery. Reportedly National High Way Authority has failed to complete any of the 17 planned highways and roads. Gwadar, our strategic asset, still remains neglected and its development which should have been concluded by now is moving at a snails pace. That has added frustration among the people and the nationalists trade upon it. Those responsible for the protection and safety of the people carry a militia of the security guards for their own security leaving the people at the mercy of miscreants. It looks as if piracy is conducted by organised syndicates with powerful patrons in government. Battalion size ministers force is worth nothing. The Balochistan Levies Force has become irrelevant in the fight against terror, and drug smuggling. Dacoits and criminals rule supreme and government has no decree. According to CRSS (Center of Research and Security Studies-September 26, 2011), the indefatigable worsening of security in Balochistan is rapidly opening up the vast chasm for anti-state and anti-social elements to prey upon weaker, unprotected segments of Baluchistan. It is almost a rebellion that has spread and drowned the land and consumed the people. The present administrative setup has lost publics confidence as if government ceases to exist. I have been wondering to myself as to what has happened to this part of my country. Why things have crippled to bottom of the barrel Why things are topsy-turvy In my estimation the nationalists, who are out of power since most of them boycotted the last elections, are now making their absence conspicuous. They are fighting for independence and they need to be taken on board and their grievances addressed to. Political power is to be shared amongst all the stake holders. The nationalists are us and not expendable. There is no executive body that can genuinely exonerate itself of the responsibilities of governance. Working anarchy should no more work now. It must be reined in. We must go for the swindlers. A government invested with power can hold off further destruction and knock down the enemy within. A government adept in adapting to the emerging situation is a must. We need a good brain and dynamic energy. We have to look for the new arrangements to save the people of Balochistan. Today the circumstances support a governor-rule type formula doing away with the sitting ineffective provincial government which doesnt represent the real people of the land. Our intelligentsia and intellectuals of the area have the pulse of the peoples feelings and have the knack of picking up people who are educated, motivated, dedicated, clean, and vibrant, and have the ability to connect with the people. A shared and coordinated strategy is required by the new people. A new arrangement has the potential to nurse the province a good health. We must understand that politics is art of possible, and change is possible, and possible we must try. BRIG (RETD) M NAZIR SHAMS, Islamabad, November 16.