The other day a TV channel showed some clips of a dinner being prepared for our Prime Minister by a local politician on the sidelines of his address to a public gathering in Punjab. The pomp and show with which the reception was given was simply unbelievable. There were two truckloads of rose-petals spread on the ground so his shoes couldnt get dirty. There were countless cauldrons of delicious foods. Deer meat was especially cooked as well a variety of other dishes. There were hundreds of cauldrons. At the same time, the channel showed a poor man's home in Badin, a small mud house. The family had nothing to eat. They even did not have oil to keep the stove burning. One wonders at the 'servants of the people' living off the fat of the land, while the people do not have enough to eat. Dr Zaheer Asghar Khan, Lahore,?November 15.