Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif deserves a pat on the back for introducing a new CNG bus service on three different routes in Lahore. The worry, however, is that the gas holidays would seriously dent its performance. Indeed, whenever there is a gas holiday, the public transport buses virtually come to a grinding halt leaving commuters stranded on bus stops, a sight that should give sleepless nights to the indifferent and inept government at the centre. If the new service is to be utilised to the maximum, the federal government must heed CMs advice to exempt Punjabs transport sector from gas loadshedding. At the end of the day, it is the federal setups job to ensure that gas demand of all the provinces are met but without diverting Punjabs share. Now with the population of Lahore reaching big proportions and with people from rural areas taking to the city, a dire need for quality public transport was being felt for the past many years. There are already Daewoo buses plying on different routes and recently another Trans Bus service was introduced; yet, these are not enough for a mega-city of the size of Lahore. A casual glance at people flocking throughout the roadside, for instance, along the busy Ferozepur Road and Jail Road clearly reveals the acute shortage of buses and mini-vans. With CMs step of bringing in these brand new air-conditioned buses, the commuters misery to a large extent would be relieved at least on the three routes. This is good news for thousands of commuters travelling from Railway Station to Ferozepur Road on a daily basis. It is satisfying that the CM also promised that the government-run buses will operate in all cities of the province. There are lots of other towns and cities in Punjab that require quality intra-city buses. There is also truth in his charge that past rulers pocketed billions of rupees in subsidies since all the people could get were rickety buses. With the pace and hustle and bustle of life in the modern age, stress-free travel facility to the citizens has become a basic necessity. While the Punjab government has taken a step in the right direction, the federal dispensation must not deprive the province of its share of gas merely for petty political gains.