NEW YORK (Reuters) - Less than two dozen Occupy Wall Street protesters stayed overnight Wednesday in a downtown park that had been home to hundreds before the city cleared the site and banned tents, sleeping bags and lying down. A predawn police raid Tuesday reduced the contingent to its smallest since the movement started two months ago, days before it planned to launch a major new demonstration outside the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday. The slim numbers left some at Zuccotti Park disillusioned, while others weighed the future of what has become a national protest movement against economic inequality and Wall Street greed. Similar raids have broken up protests in Denver, Oakland and other US cities. "We're going to occupy this park for a long time," vowed Jason Holmza, 30, of Washington State. "Right now we've got to figure out where to turn our attention to." Demonstrators have occupied the park since September 17 to protest what they see as an unjust economic system that favours the wealthiest 1 percent at a time of persistently high unemployment.