LAHORE In what seems to be detraction from his earlier statement, PTI chief, Imran Khan has said that it is the prerogative of former PPP leader, Shah Mehmood Qureshi to take a decision for selecting a new political party to join. Imran Khan took a new stance over Qureshi while responding to medias specific query about confirmation from the former foreign minister for joining the PTI on November 27 during a public meeting in Sindh. He expressed these views while answering various media queries on Wednesday after a joining ceremony of prominent political figures to the PTI. Prominent among the political personalities who joined the PTI during a meeting with Imran Khan include former district nazim Hafizabad, Col (Retd) Ali Ahmed Awan, former ticket holders of PPP, Chaudhary Mushtaq Ahmed, Chaudhary Zaigham Col (Retd) Sultan belonging to Shakargarh, Zafarwal and Daska respectively. While around 50 former nazimeen and district and bar association office bearers of Shakargarh have also joined the PTI on this occasion. PTI chief said that they would not award ticket to any corrupt element.