With a diameter of 5 feet 3 inches the cracker dwarfs the typical senbei, a crunchy snack made from rice flour that is eaten widely in Japan. For Michihiro Yamaguchi, a 63-year-old member of The Worlds Largest Rice Cracker Committee in Kioroshi, a town east of Tokyo, it was a moment of triumph. We made it. Its sweet revenge, he said, after a failed attempt to get into the record books last month with a cracker that fell three centimetres short of their target. The group started making dough with 33 pounds of powdered rice on Tuesday and baked it for about an hour on Wednesday over an open fire, turning the giant snack every few minutes. Once the cracker was measured and photos taken to prove their feat for an inaugural Guinness World Record largest rice cracker title, the soy-sauce flavoured snack was broken into small pieces and presented to townsfolk. TG