This is on the authority of Engr Shamsul Mulk. During the flood season the reservoir level of the KBD reservoir will be kept at 860 feet above sea level, 100 feet below Nowshera, and will in no way aggravate the flood situation in Nowshera. The flooding of Nowshera is because of the Kabul river gorge and the Attock gorge which restrict river flows and cause back flow in the Kabul river. This will continue to happen even without KBD. The problem will be solved to a considerable extent by building Munda dam on Swat river. Kalabagh dam will have no effect either way on the flooding of Nowshera, but it will certainly moderate the flooding of south Punjab and Sindh by trapping not only the combined flood waters of Kabul, Chitral and Swat rivers, but also of Haro and Soan rivers. KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, November 16.