KARACHI Playhouse Childcare is a recently launched childcare facility which is being described as a godsend by working mothers in Karachi, says a press release. The Playhouse Childcare has a unique facility where mothers can drop off their children and leave worry free, says a press release. Decorated with colorful wallpaper motifs and borders, the facility is furnished with colorful and cute furnishings and has a huge selection of toys and games for children to engage in. Especially tailored to meet the requirements of working parents who are desperate for a safe and healthy childcare environment, the Playhouse Childcare is equipped with state-of-the-art security facility and is manned by a card entry system, CCTV cameras and an armed guard outside the gate. Rather than baby sitters, Playhouse Childcare has engaged Montessori teachers to engage the children and to ensure an exciting and rewarding learning experience for them during the hours they spend at the facility. When children are left here, we are eager to make the time they spend here as interesting and fun for them as possible, said Farah. For this reason, we have developed a menu of a number of fun activities for them to take part in while they are at the playhouse.