LAHORE The PML-N has as yet not decided to quit the Parliament to achieve the end of early election in the country. Sources say that the option of enbloc resignations and even quitting the provincial government was on the table however no decision has as yet been taken as to the timing of resorting to that moves. The party leadership at present is preoccupied with making the Faisalabad and Gujranwala rallies respectively on November 20 and 24 a grand public show, they say adding, for that end, the party nomination for the Provincial presidents and other has been also held back for the time being. They said a difference of opinion existed in the party ranks on tendering the resignations and leaving the provincial government as one group of party stalwarts is taking a hawkish stance wants the needful to be done by the turn of this year while the other, pleads for resorting to the measure as last resort after mass mobilization when escape from the early election become impossible on account of public and political pressure. This group, says As such the top leadership at the moment is not subscribing to the statement by some leaders that resignations could be submitted within two months or so. The top leadership is however more interested in the positive result of the upcoming rallies whose success may a go a long way to enable it to make up its mind on other options and their timing, they said. Senior Adviser to the Chief Minister Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa categorically said that the decision regarding resignations of the members has to be taken up by the Central Working Committee of the party which has not discussed this issue so far. However the resignations and that of quitting the Punjab Government have never been a problem for the PML(N) and are available as option. He said the message of the PML(N) for getting rid of the PPP government at the earliest was being well received by the people which over the last three years saw nothing but corruption, looting, downfall of the institutions and an anarchy in the country. The PML(N) was struggling to get rid of the corruption-polluted government as soon as possible as much time will be needed to set things right and recover what has been lost whereof the existing predicament has been caused to the country.