SIALKOT - The PML-N has split into four groups in Sialkot district and the local heads of these groups are running the party horse towards the opposite directions, as the provincial and local leadership of the party remains unable to reunite them due to which the political differences are further cropping up among the local MNAs and MPAs, TheNation learnt here Wednesday. The local political pundits are of the view that though the Khawaja Asif never admitted this grouping, but a 'cold war among these groups is going on nowadays. Kh Asif is very close to the Sharif brothers and they give priority to his advises in every matter, neglecting the other Sialkot-based MNAs and MPAs. This situation was resulted into split of the PML-N in four main groups in the district. The former provincial minister Ejaz Ahmed Sheikh has again held Kh Asif responsible for grouping PML-N. In Sialkot, Khawaja Asif is heading his own group; MNA Rana Abdul Sattar and his father MPA Rana Shamim Ahmed are running their own group; former provincial minister Ejaz Ahmed Sheikh is also having his own political companions, while the three times winner MPA Engineer Imran Ashraf is also leading his own group. According to the local political pundits, this grouping and mounting political differences among the local MNAs and MPAs is causing great political loss to PML-N, as the party leadership has not yet taken any solid step to overcome the menace of this grouping. Talking to the newsmen here, PML-N MPA Engineer Imran Ashraf, also a leading exporter, accused the PML-N Sialkot leaderships for creating hurdles in commencing the development schemes being carried out in his electoral constituency (PP-123, Sialkot). He said that it was the political punishment for him by a local PML-N leader for not saying Yes Boss to him. He alleged that no fund has yet been released to him, as he had been completing the small development schemes in his constituency from his own pocket for the last several years. He stated that the Tehsil Municipal Administration officials concerned had halted the development schemes in his constituency. He pointed out that the TMA has not yet conducted even a single development scheme in this constituency during the last three and half years following the mounted political pressure of local PML-N leaders belonging to other local groups of the party. Imran Ashraf further added that the TMA has also frozen the special development funds of Rs50 million allocated for the development schemes in his constituency. He said that he faced the hardness of the Musharrafs dictatorship as being a PML-N MPA and did not join the PML-Q and faced the mounted political pressure by the regime. But todays political indiscrimination was much bad than the Musharrafs dictatorship, he added. Imran said that the Sialkot TMA has already completed all the development schemes into all the other constituencies except his area. He termed it a political exploitation. He announced to go to people for this great political injustice by the TMA. He also disclosed that the PML-N Sialkot leadership was also distributing some development funds in his constituency through the some of the non-elected and undemocratic people, completing neglecting him. The three-time elected MPA urged the PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif to take serious notice of this critical situation. When contacted, the TMA concerned officials averted to give any comment in this regard. While a spokesman of MNA Khawaja Muhammad Asif rejected all the above mentioned allegations.