LAHORE In what seems to be a 'valuable addition in the dictionary of vulgar language, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has identified over 2000 expressions and words (not printable) in different languages (mostly English and Urdu), and banned their use in text messages on cell phones, but without giving any feasible enforcement mechanism. While some of these expressions are well known, people can add to their knowledge of vulgar vocabulary if they read the list available on different blogs on the internet. As per sources, PTA issued this list in September this year to all cellular companies to prevent use of indecent words by their subscribers. The most interesting thing about this campaign is that besides being vulgar, some of the words spotted by the PTA are funny and ridiculous as well. For example you should never text 'back door, 'barely legal, 'black out, 'devil, 'go to hell, 'idiot, 'kill, 'killer, 'queer, 'rape, 'satan, 'slave, 'sniper, 'spit, 'taxi and so on. One wonders what is the motive behind banning these apparently 'harmless expressions. The Urdu words list also includes many vulgar words but some commonly used phrases have also been included for reasons unknown. For example 'bewakoof, 'duffa hoja, 'mangaitar and 'khota have been included in the list of banned words. It has been learnt that PTA has started monitoring the language used by pranksters and has warned cell phone users to abstain from sending any vulgar language messages. Those who will use such vulgar language will have to face legal consequences according to the law. In the notice, PTA has asked consumers to report any such SPAM message or call to the authority so that legal action could be taken against the sender. The cellular companies have also been asked to monitor such messages and take prompt action against the culprits who try to create nuisance in the society. So if you get any SPAM message or call that you never subscribed, or any call/SMS that you dont want to get again then SMS details to 9000. In the message, the complainant has to send the sender as well as details of his own cell number. Charges for sending an SMS to 9000 are 10 paisas (including tax).