LAHORE Top leadership of PTI while declining Jehangir Tareen offer for forging an alliance with his group, has asked them to join the PTI as individuals, The Nation has learnt. Sources in PTI privy to the developments regarding Jehangir Tareen offer told this scribe on Wednesday that party leadership was of the opinion that forming coalition with the members of Tareen camp would negate partys stance which stated that PTI would not join hands with the forces of status quo. However, inclusion of Tareen and his associates in PTI as individuals would save the party from the criticism of its opponents and media besides reinforcing the party policy for striking no deal with status quo forces. Jehangir Tareen alongwith his colleagues belonging to PML-F and PML-Q (Like-Minded Group) expressed the desire for forging an alliance with PTI sometime back. Sources quoting some hawkish elements in the party as saying that forging an alliance with Tareen and similar political groups of various parties would give an impression that PTI has no permanent support among the masses and it too compelled to bring a change with the same old faces regardless of the fact that they were clean, as they still part of the parties which supports the forces of status quo. The hawkish elements were the same PTI leaders, which earlier opposed inclusion of old faces in the party with the argument they should bring new faces of the belonging to the working classes for bringing a real change or revolution in the country. However, the sources informed that the policy set for forging alliance would not apply to the political parties currently working to eliminate the forces of status quo and formation of coalition with the mentioned parties would be worked out before the next general elections. Dr Arif Alvi, central Secretary General of PTI, when contacted confirming the information of this reporter said that Jehangir Tareen has been invited to formally join the PTI alongwith his group members. He said: 'It is very clear that PTI will not forge alliance with the political parties supporting the forces of status quo to continue their corrupt practices. However, Alvi stated that clean individuals from the traditional political parties supporting the status quo forces were welcomed in PTI, as they would be rendering a service to the nation for bringing a change by eliminating corruption and provision of justice. PTI central leader further said that alliance would be made with the political parties struggling against the status quo forces and seat adjustment would be made with the clean political individuals across the country after the announcement of the date for the next general elections. When asked, whether the PTI would be able to compete with mainstream political forces under such tough conditions, he said that the party has set certain rules for forging alliance and seat adjustment with various political parties and individuals, 'however in some cases the events dictates the political necessities to deal with a special situation in certain regions or areas.