FAISALABAD - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that remnant of dictator Pervez Musharrraf are still sitting in Islamabad and the country cannot move on the way to progress and prosperity until their stay at helm of affairs. We will bring looted money back to steer the country out of present state of despair. Shahbaz Sharif confessed that government institutions had become den of corruption and pledged elimination of corruption for a bright future of the country. Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif expressed the views during a meeting with members of the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) here on Wednesday. The Punjab CM disclosed that the Punjab government would soon initiate CNG public transport service public-private partnership in Faisalabad, adding that initially a fleet of 150 buses would be inducted during the next four months. A large number of the FCCI members, industrialists and parliamentarian were also present on the occasion. Shahbaz Sharif also revealed that the Punjab government was mulling introducing Punjab Airlines Services and Punjab Railway Cargo Services under public-private Partnership and expressed his hope to actualise the idea in the near future. The CM announced that an International standard Kabaddi Stadium and a Football Stadium would be constructed in Faisalabad and directed the Divisional Commissioner and Faisalabad DCO to prepare feasibility for the projects accordingly. On the occasion, the chief minister appreciated the suggestions the FCCI president regarding construction parking plazas and announced that the Punjab government would invest in the projects. Shahbaz Sharif pointed out that Faisalabad City had been playing a vital role in the economic development and provision job opportunities to millions of labourers in the country. In this respect, the contribution of Industrialists and business community in the establishment of Shahbaz Nagar is an exemplary step, he added. CM Shahbaz claimed that a cleaner water project had been inaugurated which would cater 35 per cent water supply needs the inhabitants of the city. He also endorsed the FCCI demand for the establishment of the Lahore High Court Bench in Faisalabad and informed the Punjab government had already forwarded the recommendations to the Lahore High Court for a final approval. The chief minister also announced the induction of three representatives of the FCCI into the Board of Directors of Punjab Bank. Earlier, in his welcome address, FCCI President Muzammil Sultan demanded the release of development funds for Faisalabad City and requested the Punjab CM to approve the projects of widening Canal Road and construction of flyovers and underpasses in the City. He also demanded initiation of work on the construction of Kabaddi and Football stadiums and the Medical College in the near future. He further said that construction of Ring Road and Children Hospital may also be approved. Keeping in view the business and shopping plazas in Faisalabad, he requested to initiate construct parking plazas. Former FCCI presidents including Mian Javed Iqbal, Mian Muhammad Adrees and Kh Asem Khurshid also expressed their views. Earlier, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif addressing a gathering of students at the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, linked development with quality education and upholding of merit and justice in all spheres. He said that over the past 64 years, the culture of merit had been crushed which resulted in the multifarious crises. CM Shabaz said that Pakistan had the potential of becoming a green basket especially in Gulf States by exporting crops. But, unfortunately, the country was supposed to import various food items due to the appointment of blue-eyed people, ignoring merit and lack of planning. The chief minister claimed that his government said no to foreign aid in a bid to get the dream of prosperity of the country. We must also bring the money back from Swiss banks to end the financial crisis, he added. The chief minister said, The time is ripe for bringing back the looted money as the country is under the burden of foreign loan that has been compounding the problems of the common man. Talking about livestock, Shabaz Sharif said that even India was earning precious foreign exchange by exporting Halal meat to other country. Although, we are enjoying best breeds and other factors, but we are lagging behind in the field. He said that the Punjab government had exported a container of 25 tonnes of meat after meeting international standards. He said that the livestock was the market of 600 billion dollar and we are not having our share to the market. It is must to get the share in the sector by uplifting the sector for the development of the country. He also told the audience that the country was the fourth largest milk producer across the globe. The Punjab CM recalled that in 2009, the Punjab experienced a bumper production of wheat due to which the government fixed the support price at Rs900. He, however, said that the small farmers were still being exploited and described the steps his government had taken for curbing the trend. He said he himself visited many villages to ensure actual price to wheat growers and the Punjab government paid Rs30 billion to farmers during the last wheat procurement campaign. The chief minister urged the federal government to import requisite quantity of urea on time as the country was confronted a shortage of 1.5 million tonnes of fertilisers. Shahbaz Sharif averred that the government under the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund had provided scholarship of Rs30,000 the needy students across the province while 413 talented students of the UAF got benefit from the fund. He also announced that 300 scholars of the UAF would be sent abroad for study in well-reputed institutes to abreast them with modern education and developments in the agriculture sector. He elaborated that his government had earmarked Rs10 billion for the Punjab Education Foundation to ensure quality of education at grass-roots level while 0.1 million laptops were also being distributed among talented students across the province. The chief minister said that the Punjab government had established star farms across the province to provide quality agricultural inputs to the farmers. The project is aimed at curtailing the role of middle man, he elaborated. Shahbaz Sharif said that the provincial government had set up a fund of Rs1 billion under Akhuwat Foundation to provide interest free loans up to Rs50,000 to the needy persons to start their business or continue their studies. He said that the government was also setting up four new universities for women across the province to provide quality education to women comprising 50 percent of total pollution. He also announced a grant of 70 million for the uplifting of infrastructure and other facilities at UAF. He lauded the steps being taken on the part of the university especially in the field of agriculture. Talking about dengue, he said that team of Sri Lankan had estimated that the disease would have caused widespread mortality had timely and tangible steps not been taken. He said that the government was taking all steps to fight dengue next year. UAF Vice Chancellor Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan, progressive farmer Mumtaz Manhais, Mr Abdul Manan and Urwa Anwar also spoke on the occasion.