BEIJING (INP) - The Sindh Government has signed three Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with Chinas Three Gorges (CTG) Corporation here on Tuesday evening providing for cooperation in wind energy, manufacturing of wind turbines and coal mining. . The signing ceremony was witnessed by Speaker Sindh Assembly, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Chief Secretary of CTG Corporation Board Zhang Dingming, Ambassador Masood Khan and senior officials from both the sides. The first MoU pertained to cooperation in generation of wind energy. The second related to manufacturing of wind turbines and the third was regarding coal mining in Sindh. CTG Vice-President, Shaofeng Wang and Secretary Sindh Board of Investment, Younus Dagha, signed the agreements. Earlier, the special assignee of Chairman CTG, Zhang Dingmin held a meeting with Khuhro and witnessed the signing ceremony on his behalf. Speaking on the occasion Speaker Nisar Khuhro said that there is immense potential for investment in energy sector in Sindh province. He said that the CTG being a world renowned organisation can make investment in hydro, wind and solar energy in Sindh. He said that cheap hydro power can be generated by installing run-of-the-river power plants on the Indus River. Besides, he said, Sindh has many mineral reserves including the huge coal deposits in Thar. 'We look forward to give these agreements practical shape, he stated. Speaking on the occasion, Zhang Dingming said that CTG is actively contributing to help Pakistan overcome the energy crisis. 'We have long association with Pakistan, he said ,adding, that we sincerely wish to contribute in the energy sector of Pakistan. Zubair Motiwala, Adviser to Sindh Government on Investment briefed the meeting about the investment opportunities which the Sindh Government is offering. Ambassador Masood Khan said that it is a happy occasion for Pakistan and China. He said that CTG is greatly contributing in the hydel power in Pakistan, but now it has also come forward to help Pakistan in the generation of alternative energy.