LAHORE  - Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Pervaiz Rasheed said on Saturday mobile phone service in restive parts of Rawalpindi would be restored after improvement in peace situation in the district.

Talking to The Nation, the minister said the situation would be under total control very soon, as peace efforts were being made at every level. He said it was heartening that ulema of all schools of thought were supporting peace efforts of the government.  He said Pakistan belonged to everyone so every citizen had a role to play towards peace restoration for promotion of sentiments of unity and brotherhood. 

Asked who actually was behind the Rawalpindi incident, the minister said it would be determined through a judicial inquiry. The chief minister had called for an inquiry through a Lahore High Court judge, he said, adding it was difficult to answer this question at this point in time. Rasheed also urged media to play a pivotal role for peace in Rawalpindi.