Jamat-e-Islami Chief Munawar Hassan’s statement given in favor of militants, who have been declared an outlaw movement, has opened a debate touching very critical issue. He pronounced a decree that anyone fighting in collusion with the Americans is on the way to being a non-believer and if killed would not be given the status of a martyr, thus laying waste the sacrifices by our soldiers who gave their life for the country.

On the other hand, the killers of innocent masses in retaliation to drones the Militants and the Taliban are martyrs! This is pure treason and people are demanding a formal case against them.

The Taliban challenge the writ of government, they regard the constitution, its laws and entire system Un-Islamic and they plan to to replace the entire system with their own defined version of Shariah. The war is our own war as the Taliban even waged terrorist activities before 9/11.

The history and facts on ground strengthen the view that the war is between state and anti-state elements and harmony with American interests is another issue. We are not fighting an outright proxy war and the army of Pakistan is not mercenaries.

All the citizens of a state in general, and the soldiers assigned with the duties of defense are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the security of state. They take pride in doing so and the families of the martyred do rarely lament their death. What is the force that motivates the young soldier to fight and risk his life? It is none else than patriotism which means the interest of state is supreme.

If any political party has any reservations regarding those principles, which they may regard as being against the state then this should be taken up in the parliament, but to question if a soldier is a martyr or not is the height of disrespect not only for our religious norms but for the state!


Lahore, November 12.