This is with reference to rising extortion rackets in Punjab, which I am sure is a new phenomenon for everyone. My brother who is a businessman and carpet exporter has received many threats from extortionists and has been threatened that in case of non-compliance he should be ready for dire consequences. Due to threats my brother and his family have gone into hiding and they hope that the criminals will be caught soon as they are afraid for their lives.

We would like to request the authorities in charge to take strict action against this crime wave rising in Punjab. Article 9 of the constitution guarantees right of life and liberty to every citizen of Pakistan. We are law abiding citizens and we need not hide. State is duty bound to provide protection to its citizens in this time when corruption and crime is on the rise. If not controlled we may see Lahore become another Karachi with warring tribes roaming the streets killing indiscriminately.


Lahore, November 13.