Regrettably, our society has become synonymous with exploitation, corruption, frustration and many other ills. The concept of social justice, equality and service delivery has become an alien one in this society. In order to live, survive and get things done expeditiously in our unjust, and biased society, in particular, when one deals with the Accountant General, Auditor General Office, FBR and any other office in the private or public sector, it is essential to have Qaroon’s treasure, the patience of the Prophet Hazrat Ayub (Job AS) and the age of the Prophet Noah (AS).

The life of the common man has become a living nuisance and we have become a callous, corrupt and criminal society! Is there anyone to take notice of all the red-tape required to resolve any issue and take pragmatic steps to make our public sector and other organizations service-oriented and our society  more humane and caring one? This is in hope that someone is listening amongst the ruling elite!


Islamabad, November 15.