LAHORE - Following surge in sectarian violence in different parts of the Punjab created uncertainty across the country on Saturday.

Religious scholars and political leaders stressed the need for tolerance.

Extensive patrolling by police and paramilitary forces in the sensitive and extra sensitive areas helped improve the law and order situation.

Police sources say that there was no traffic rush on national highways. In Lahore many roads gave deserted looks on Saturday as motorists preferred to stay indoors because of deteriorating law and order situation.

“Unfortunately anti-state elements are at liberty to roam about in the streets, bazaars and public places. The situation certainly demands serious and unified crackdown to root out extremists so innocent lives of citizens could be saved maintaining peace and harmony,” Ahmed Khan, a schoolteacher said.  The nation must remain united against the anti-social elements and show solidarity and devotion to the country. A unified and collective front will not only frustrate the anti Pakistan forces but will also reduce the threat of terrorism and extremism.